Designed for the Best Sound Reproduction.
Discover What Sets us Apart.

Xcite uses the most advanced Klippel Analyzer System to test our Xciters at all power levels. We push boundaries to perfect quality, making us a unique Xciter manufacturer. Choose Xcite for precision and superior quality.

Our motor design minimizes Force Factor variations, delivering a clear midrange even at high volumes. See our datasheets for consistent performance proof. Discover unparalleled sound with Xcite.

Xciters have symmetrical stiffness for consistent bass and minimal distortion. They are designed for durability, ensuring an unparalleled audio xperience even at the highest displacements. Trust in Xciters for pure sound even during peak performance.

Xcite’s advanced technology ensures stable inductivity for reduced distortion and enhanced high frequencies, setting it apart from conventional exciters. Xperience clearer sound with Xcite!

Verified with Klippel

Listening conditions are not always quiet and controlled. That’s why we have invested in the best and most advanced measurement system available – the Klippel Analyzer System. This system allows us to test our xciters at both low volumes and full load, giving us precise information about their performance at all practical power levels.

By pushing our xciters to their limits, we can identify any errors and make the necessary corrections, ensuring to go from good to perfect. This dedication to quality is ingrained in our philosophy, making Xcite one of the few exciter manufacturers to utilize this cutting-edge technology.

Xperience the power of precise analysis. 

Optimized Force Factor Design

Xperience a new level of sound quality with a highly symmetrical Force Factor design. The Force Factor, or Bl, can vary based on its position, leading to lower efficiency and distortions in mid-frequencies. With Xcite’s motor design, the main working position is optimized and variations are reduced significantly, ensuring a cleaner sound xperience even at the highest volume levels.

Need proof? Check out the Force Factor vs. Position plots in our transducer datasheets. You’ll see Xcite drivers maintain consistent performance across a broad range, while others might show inconsistent and uneven results. 

Choose Xcite for unparalleled precision and clarity.

Symmetrical Stiffness with Self-Protection

We understand that achieving symmetrical performance in small dimensions can be quite a challenge. That’s why Xciters are meticulously designed to overcome this hurdle. Unline conventional exciters that are stiffer in one direction than the other, our Xciters boast a highly symmetrical stiffness. This means you can expect consistent and exceptional bass performance, with incredibly low harmonic distortion.

We’ve taken extra design to ensure your audio experience remains protected. Our Xciters feature a robust spider that provides top-notch protection during the highest excursions.

Stay protected with lowest harmonic distortions.

Low Inductivity with Less Variations

Did you know that inductivity can vary depending on displacement? With conventional exciters, this asymmetrical behavior leads to intermodulation distortion and reduced clarity. But not with Xcite!

Our revolutionary technology ensures that the inductivity remains stable, even as the voice coil moves within the magnet. Xciters are designed with lower inductivity and minimal variation versus displacement, resulting in an xtended upper frequency range.

Enjoy lower distortion and extended highest frequencies.